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cheap-ferragamo-beltsCheap Salvatore Ferragamo Belts To change the government’s attitude toward the stock market as a. That is to say, has changed the Gucci stock market, where its risk? How big is the risk? In terms of the current Gucci Belt’s stock market, the risk is not how much bubble, it is not how many people are flooding the market, Ferragamo Belts more is not how and how many people are on the market performance of listed companies in how to manipulate the market, how many people through the insider trading profits, I think the biggest risk, the current Gucci Belt’s stock market is still the policy of the government. On September 6, the central bank announced late raise deposit reserve rate, Ferragamo Belts Cheap as well as the directional bill issued 150 billion creation of austerity measures, such as for the influence of stock market on September 7, began to reflected in the market. Both Shanghai and shenzhen two cities in early trading opened lower, the Shanghai composite index briefly hit 5400 points, then fell rapidly, the lowest dipped Cheap Ferragamo Belts At the same time, on September 11, in the role of the government’s policy, under the economic indicators Ferragamo Belts for the stock market further down, although light on September 12, back, back to the risk of the stock market appeared in the further. Why is nearly a month or two to inspiring markets began to fall? There is the so-called bad news come. Originally,Ferragamo Belts in accordance with past practice, the more central bank policies, Gucci Belt’s stock market, the more excited, the faster the rising stock market index is. But this time why uncharacteristically?

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fake-ferragamo-beltFake Salvatore Ferragamo Belt rural housing land, not so nervous, that is to say the small property rights of the housing, in particular, it is in a very remote and very remote place, away from the city, so, the government has also think it is not too important. But, just as the real estate market price rise quickly, the speed of the rapid development of urbanization, the remote place, where the community live small property right, it’s the geographical position is becoming more and more important, the scale is bigger and bigger, Ferragamo Belt especially particularly high prices, many residents to buy that house, this problem, it on the table. How to sort out this matter, actually, I think the small property right, I have always stressed that it is a historical problem, Ferragamo Belt Fake must be to properly deal with. Is that you now say it is not lawful. But in fact, we review the no, we are the measure of small property right of legal or illegal, if we now have a problem in the law, so that we have the rationality of the existence of small property right. we just the past rules it is not a reasonable things. That is to say, this in our real fairness more bad things to do in a standard, to discuss this problem, this for we bought the residents of the small property right now, is not fair. I hope the government, I have repeatedly stressed that must be properly handle, it is not just a word don’t legal. Thank you. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt very much for the teacher can give me this opportunity. Remember in around 2004, the domestic numerous well-known economists agree that and pointed out that Gucci Belt’s real estate economy is a kind of bubble economy, from this perspective, Gucci Belt’s real estate market prices will be a down cycle. What do you think of the Gucci real estate market prices down cycle, Fake Ferragamo Belt and how long? By that time, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt’s real estate prices will back to what degree? Thank you for the Ferragamo Belt.

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replica-ferragamo-beltReplica Ferragamo Belt and the first article, I have never predict prices, I’m just saying that how much prices should rise to levels, for example, how many degree there is investment value should fall to, such as at the time I speak, for house prices at that time, should be down to 30%, there is investment value, if in such a high situation in, is not much input value. Market economy is a basic principle of what things? Is decentralized decision making, that is, Ferragamo Belt Replica every one according to their own information and knowledge, how to in their own constraints, select one of the best way to buy or not buy. If just listen to what others say, house prices will fall, you do not enter the market to buy, but house prices rose, because you did not enter the market to buy and lost, in is due to listen to others words that you don’t have to buy, this can only say that the Internet has no concept of the market economy, he also only under the planned economy as a concept, so for the net friend, Replica Ferragamo Belts actually is not important thing, why? He in the framework of planned economy, with the rest of us talking about the problem, not a level. Host: well, thank you. Well, followed by the time we live everyone audience questions. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt the national ministry of construction, it issued a risk warning, suggested consumers not to buy that in the construction of the building on collective land, in fact, from the mid – 90 – s of 20th century, the small property right house has been about 11 years, why to recently, the so-called being released in our country, the relevant departments to release the risk prompt? Yi: a small property right is our most recently Replica Salvatore Ferragamo Belt public attention should be more of a topic. For this problem, began in the 90 s, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt is such a thing.